AIR TRANSPORT NEWS newsletter of May 2018

We are pleased to send you our newsletter on AIR TRANSPORT of May 2018.

You will find therein information about:

  • The coming modification of the procedure before the French air control authority (ACNUSA) which is entitled to levy fines on air carriers: its president won’t be allowed to prosecute and also judge in the same cases,
  • The right to compensation of passengers for delayed flights: courts have recently set limits,
  • The creation of a special chamber at the Court of appeal in Paris (2ndinstance), a chamber which will be dedicated to international commercial cases, hence supplementing the already existing commercial chamber at the commercial court in Paris (1stinstance).

We remain at your disposal, should you wish further information.

You may read our previous newsletters of 2016 and 2017 on our website.

Yours faithfully,

Jörg Letschert
Managing Partner
Pierre-Yves Samson
Avocat à la Cour



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